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pdf ASPeCt Expert Group Report 2020

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ASPeCt Expert Group Report 2020

Antarctic Sea-Ice Processes and Climate (ASPeCt) 2018-2020 Report

Expert Group of the Physical Sciences Group

Report Author: Marilyn Raphael (USA)


Summary of activities from 2018-20

ASPeCt wrote and had endorsed by YOPP a proposal to contribute underway sea ice observations to the YOPP effort in 2018 and 2019. This effort to have more cruises involved each year is being continued. SOOS has significantly updated its “Due South” system with direct ASPeCt assistance and we are using that to engage the cruises in making the observations. Already existing ASPeCt data are being formatted for easier access and analysis.  

  • ASPeCt scientists at AWI conducted a month-long Polarstern expedition into the northwestern Weddell Sea, conducting 15 ice stations, 10 EM bird flights and deploying 3 drift arrays.
  • ASPeCt scientists on the Australian AFIN project completed a successful field campaign at Casey Station (East Antarctica), which coincided with the final deployment of NASA’s Operation IceBridge
  • ASPeCt continued to leverage members’ attendance at regular science conferences to hold sub group meetings to ensure that progress is made on ASPeCt goals. In 2019 the ASPeCt held a side-meeting the day before the IGS Sea Ice Symposium began, and sponsored the sea ice session convened by Stefanie Arndt, ASPeCt’s junior officer.
  • ASPeCt will hold a Workshop online on July 31st 2020. This workshop was previously scheduled to be held in Hobart at the SCAR 2020 OSC. Parallel sessions convened by  ASPeCt  scientists will also be held online during tthis time.
  • Major outcomes of the the 2017 PIPERS cruise, led by ASPeCt Immediate Past Chair Steve Ackley, on N. B. Palmer into the early winter Ross Sea, have been presented at scientific conferences and are in varying stages of publications.