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CGG Action Group Report 2020

Connecting Geology and Geophysics (CGG) Report 2018-2020

Action Group of the Geosciences Group

Report Author(s): Joachim Jacobs, Norway, Fausto Ferraccioli, UK, Andreas Läufer, Germany


Summary of activities from 2018-20

Field activities, other activities:

Isotopic profiling along the Dronning Maud Land Mts. to gain insights into the crustal evolution across a major accretionary plate margin in Neoproterozoic/early Paleozoic times, several papers in preparation (Jacobs, J., et al.)

Comprehensive Ar/Ar dataset of eastern DML to delineate the protracted Neoproterozoic/early Paleozoic deformation and cooling history of this part of East Antarctica (Läufer, A., et al.)

High-resolution aeromagnetic survey over the western margin of the Mariner Glacier, combined with extensive geological field work in Victoria Land, Transantarctic Mountains during BGR expeditions GANOVEX XIII (2018-19) and GANOVEX XIII/2 (2019-20)

Pre-site survey “Sub-EIS-Obs III” jointly organized by AWI and BGR with core sampling under the Eckstrom Shelf Ice at Neumayer III station in the 2018-19 Antarctic season following extensive vibroseismic surveys in the two previous seasons

Comprehensive seismic bathymetry data set beneath Eckstrom Shelf Ice collected during joint AWI/BGR project Sub-EIS-Obs (Smith, Läufer et al.) High resolution aerogeophysical surveys of Thwaites Glacier (2018-19 & 2019-20) flown by BAS in collaboration with LDEO as part of the International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration led by NSF & NERC (Jordan, Tinto et al.)

Four European Space Agency funded research projects (PolarGAP, GOCE+Antarctica, ADMAP 2.0+ & 4D Antarctica) with BAS leading and/or contributing to airborne and satellite geophysical data analyses and modelling to investigate subglacial geology, crustal and lithospheric architecture, global supercontinent linkages and geothermal heat flux heterogeneity (Ferraccioli, Ebbing, Forsberg, et al.). Several papers published & in preparation.

Geological and geophysical contributions to new SCAR-SERCE international and interdisciplinary Geothermal Heat Flow Sub-Group, including the 2020 White Paper (Alex Burton-Johnson et al.) and contributions to the new SCAR INSANT SRP proposal development.

Application of remote sensing techniques combined with geological field and lab and geophysical data to identify bedrock and structures in northern Victoria Land, one paper published, one in preparation (Läufer, Crispini, et al.)

Full waveform ambient noise tomography to investigate the structure of East Antarctica, work in progress (Hansen, S. et al.)

Regional-scale interpretation of magnetic anomaly field for the Mac. Robertson Land − Princess Elizabeth Land region, integrated with surface geology (Mikhalsky & Leitchenkov, 2018)

Tectonic map of Antarctica, 2nd edition. (Grikurov & Leitchenkov 2019)