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XXXV SCAR Delegates 2018, Davos, Switzerland

XXXV SCAR Delegates 2018, Davos, Switzerland

The XXXIV SCAR Delegates' Meeting was held at the Davos Congress Centre from 24-26 June 2018. There was an Icebreaker Reception from 16:00 on 24 June, and the Delegates Dinner on Monday 25 June at 19:00.

The preceding Open Science Conference was a joint event with IASC. The POLAR 2018 website is available at:

Meeting Report:

pdf SCAR Bulletin 200 - 2018 December - Report of the XXXV SCAR Delegates' Meeting, Davos, Switzerland, 2018 (433 KB)



Toggle Title Download
pdf SCAR XXXV WP39: Capacity Building, Education and Training & Future Plans (667 downloads) Download (pdf, 112 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP40: SCAR Communication Activities (422 downloads) Download (pdf, 130 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP41: SCAR Member Reports and their Future (446 downloads) Download (pdf, 73 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP42:  Highlighting the role and activities of SCAR Groups, Union Members and National Committees (453 downloads) Download (pdf, 95 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP44: SCAR Executive Committee Report (521 downloads) Download (pdf, 598 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP45: SCAR Secretariat Report (447 downloads) Download (pdf, 93 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP46: Proposed Revision of Presidential Voting Procedure (464 downloads) Download (pdf, 321 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP47: International Council for Science and SCAR Documentation (393 downloads) Download (pdf, 169 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP48: SCAR Logo Change (396 downloads) Download (pdf, 98 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP49: Finance Report (439 downloads) Download (pdf, 234 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP50: Financial Statement for 2016 (432 downloads) Download (pdf, 125 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP51: Financial Statement for 2017 (431 downloads) Download (pdf, 136 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP52: Revised Budget for 2018 (422 downloads) Download (pdf, 149 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP53: Proposed Budget for 2019 (416 downloads) Download (pdf, 276 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP54: Draft Budget for 2020 (424 downloads) Download (pdf, 271 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP55: SCAR Development Council (586 downloads) Download (pdf, 105 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP57: Application of Ukraine for Full Membership (470 downloads) Download (pdf, 13.71 MB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP58: Application of Portugal for Full Membership (463 downloads) Download (pdf, 404 KB)