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XXXV SCAR Delegates 2018, Davos, Switzerland

XXXV SCAR Delegates 2018, Davos, Switzerland

The XXXIV SCAR Delegates' Meeting was held at the Davos Congress Centre from 24-26 June 2018. There was an Icebreaker Reception from 16:00 on 24 June, and the Delegates Dinner on Monday 25 June at 19:00.

The preceding Open Science Conference was a joint event with IASC. The POLAR 2018 website is available at:

Meeting Report:

pdf SCAR Bulletin 200 - 2018 December - Report of the XXXV SCAR Delegates' Meeting, Davos, Switzerland, 2018 (433 KB)



Toggle Title Download
pdf SCAR XXXV WP19: Humanities and Social Sciences Expert Group (HASSEG) Report (506 downloads) Download (pdf, 132 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP20: History Expert Group Report (488 downloads) Download (pdf, 152 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP21: Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) Report (527 downloads) Download (pdf, 935 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP22: Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP) Report (457 downloads) Download (pdf, 577 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP23: Southern Ocean Acidification Report (491 downloads) Download (pdf, 98 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP24: ICSU-ISSC Merger (483 downloads) Download (pdf, 262 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP25: Integrating Climate and Ecosystem Dynamics in the Southern Ocean (ICED) Report (648 downloads) Download (pdf, 177 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP26: The Future of Ice Sheet Mass Balance and Sea Level (ISMASS) (527 downloads) Download (pdf, 132 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP27: Standing Committee on Antarctic Data Management (SCADM) (620 downloads) Download (pdf, 169 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP28: Standing Committee on Antarctic Geographic Information (SCAGI) (591 downloads) Download (pdf, 130 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP29: SCAR Products (451 downloads) Download (pdf, 82 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP30: Partnerships, MoUs and Other Agreements (482 downloads) Download (pdf, 189 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP31: SCAR-WMO Fellowship (534 downloads) Download (pdf, 75 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP32: Antarctic Treaty Secretariat Report (597 downloads) Download (pdf, 154 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP33: Standing Committee on the Antarctic Treaty System (SCATS) Report (515 downloads) Download (pdf, 191 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP34: The Antarctic Environments Portal: Update (460 downloads) Download (pdf, 258 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP35: SCAR Advice to Other Bodies (567 downloads) Download (pdf, 106 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP36: SCAR Fellowship Programme (523 downloads) Download (pdf, 133 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP37: SCAR Visiting Professor Scheme (495 downloads) Download (pdf, 113 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXV WP38: The Tinker-Muse Prize (481 downloads) Download (pdf, 84 KB)