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pdf SCAR XXXV Paper 13: Antarctic Thresholds - Ecosystem Resilience and Adaptation (AnT-ERA)

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SCAR XXXV Paper 13: Antarctic Thresholds - Ecosystem Resilience and Adaptation (AnT-ERA)

SCAR XXXV Delegates Meetings, Davos, Switzerland, 25-26 June 2018

SCAR XXXV Paper 13: Antarctic Thresholds - Ecosystem Resilience and Adaptation (AnT-ERA)

Agenda Item: 4.1.6

Person Responsible: J. Gutt et al.


Executive Summary


Julian Guttwith contributions from SC members (from Argentina, Canada, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, UK, USA.

Summary of activities from 2016-18 and any other important matters

• Scientific output.Two papers published as a unique product of AnT-ERA. More than 500 additional papers fell into the scope of AnT-ERA.

• Capacity building: (a) Mini-workshop during OSC, 2016; (b) multiplesupport of the 2016 OSC and 2017 SCAR Biology Symposium; (c) approx. 10 additional events co-chaired by SC members, e.g. ANTOSand APECS.

• Dissemination/products. Key "tool" was the dynamic AnT-ERA webpage with ∼100,000 hits between 2013 and 2017. At present announcements for events and job opportunities are sent regularly to the approx. 520 mailing list members. AnT-ERA contributed to a wide range of SCAR products, e.g. ACCE updates,SCAR strategy plan, and initiatives such as IPBES,UNFCCC, and SOOS.

• Support for early-career scientists.16 mini-grants awarded to applicantsfrom approx. 10 countries in 2016 and 6 travel-grants in 2017. Preparation of an AnT-ERA Spring Course in 2018 is in an advanced stage of preparation.

• Research Projects/expeditionsunder the leadership of AnT-ERAscientists: J. Xavier (JR16003), A. Takahashi (JARE-AP0922),D. Cowan (Dry Valleys,Jan 2018). G. di Prisco, TUNU Euro-Arctic Marine Fishes -Diversity and Adaptation(TEAM-fish), V. Cummings (Resilience in Antarctic biota and ecosystems”, expeditions in 2016/17 and 2017/18). L. Peck (Effects of in situ warming on Antarctic benthic biofouling communities, 2015/16, 2016/17).


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