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pdf SCAR XXXI WP07: Report of the SCAR Standing Scientific Group on Geosciences (SSG-GS)

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XXXI SCAR Delegates Meeting
9-11 August 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina

SCAR XXXI WP07: Report of the SCAR Standing Scientific Group on Geosciences (SSG-GS)

Working Paper 7
Agenda Item: 5.1
Posted/Revised: August 7
Person Responsible: Capra

Executive Summary

Title: Report of SSG GeoSciences

Authors: Alessandro Capra (SSG-GS CO) Phil O’Brien (SSG-GS Deputy CO)

Relevant URLs or references to other reports: SSG-GS report on SCAR web site.

Introduction/ Background:  Scientific activity of GeoSciences covers a wide range of actions on Geophysics, Geodesy, Geology fields. The principal actions that will be done should be understood through the AG and EG 2010-12 structure approved, that is the following: Action Groups: SAVANT (Cold Seeps and Hydrothermal Vents in the Antarctic); Multibeam Data Acquisition (New Proposal); Joint AG (GS and LS) GWSWF - GPS weather and space forecast - Chair G. De Franceschi (ITA).   Expert Groups: GIANT (Geodetic Infrastructure of Antarctica); EGPPE (EG on Permafrost and Periglacial Environment); IBCSO (International Bathymetric Chart of Southern Oceans); ADMAP (Antarctic Digital Magnetic Maps).

Important Issues or Factors: Concerning National Representatives Reports on Geoscience activities, an internal recommendation has been done to enhance communication within the Geoscience Antarctic Community, SSG-GS, and to inform all Antarctic Geosciences researchers on National initiatives. Concerning the GPS weather WSWF AG is finding interesting synergies between ICESTAR LS EG and with the GIANT and POLENET groups of GS; this is a positive effect of the cross-SSG meetings initiative. Concerning the establishment of a new AG on Multibeam Data Acquisition, the SSG-GS approved the establishment of an Action Group to identify data needs and best practice protocols for mapping of Last Glacial cycle grounding zones using multibeam bathymetry. Concerning IBCSO EG, SSG-GS strongly approve the continuation of EG activity but it needs therefore that Secretariat explore with AWI possibility of continuing the provision of a post, either with sole funding from AWI or with joint funding from AWI and other interested institutions or transfer IBCSO to another institution. Concerning a new PPG proposal, the SSG-GS recommends the action described in the following point.

Recommendations/Actions and Justification: The Geoscience Science Standing Group recommends that the Solid Earth Response and Influences on Cryospheric Evolution (SERCE) Programme Planning Group be extended in order to prepare a full Programme Implementation Plan for presentation to SCAR in 2012 for approval as a full SCAR Programme.

Expected Benefits/Outcomes: The programme will be designed to synthesize and interpret the extensive new data sets obtained during IPY by the international Polar Earth Observing Network (POLENET) geophysical sensor deployment.  PPG plan to promote communication and coordination with other international groups investigating polar ice mass change, glacial isostatic adjustment, and ice sheet contributions to global sea level rise.

Partners: POLENET IPY programme; ISMASS -LS group; SOOS; ACE SRP; UNAVCO (USA); IRIS (USA).

Budget Implications: 17000 US dollars for 2011 and for 2012 GS budget including SERCE PPG budget.