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XXVIII SCAR Delegates 2004, Bremerhaven, Germany

The XXVIII SCAR Delegates’ Meeting took place between 4-8 October 2004 in Bremerhaven, Germany.

Meeting Report:

pdf SCAR Bulletin 157 - 2005 April - Report of the XXVIII Meeting of SCAR Delegates, Bremerhaven, Germany, 2004 (357 KB)

Notes: The following papers are unknown: 4, 5, 10, 34, 35, 37, 42. Some were probably oral. 



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pdf SCAR XXVIII: List of Documents (1220 downloads) Download (pdf, 376 KB)
pdf SCAR XXVIII 01: Agenda (1295 downloads) Download (pdf, 29 KB)
pdf SCAR XXVIII 02: Annotated Agenda (1236 downloads) Download (pdf, 82 KB)
pdf SCAR XXVIII 03: Timetable (1224 downloads) Download (pdf, 31 KB)
pdf SCAR XXVIII 06: Report of the Twenty-seventh Meeting of SCAR, Shanghai, July 2002 (1238 downloads) Download (pdf, 203 KB)
pdf SCAR XXVIII 07: Report of the SCAR Executive Committee Meeting, Brest, July 2003 (1240 downloads) Download (pdf, 167 KB)
pdf SCAR XXVIII 08: Report of the SCAR Executive Committee Meeting, Bremerhaven, January 2004 (1247 downloads) Download (pdf, 96 KB)
pdf SCAR XXVIII 09: Report of the SCAR Executive Committee Meeting, Bremen, July 2004 (1208 downloads) Download (pdf, 142 KB)
pdf SCAR XXVIII 11: SCAR Election Procedures (1249 downloads) Download (pdf, 46 KB)
pdf SCAR XXVIII 12: Report of the Standing Scientific Group on Geosciences (GSSG) (1318 downloads) Download (pdf, 346 KB)
pdf SCAR XXVIII 13: Report of the Standing Scientific Group on Life Sciences (LSSSG) (1334 downloads) Download (pdf, 241 KB)
pdf SCAR XXVIII 14: Report of the Standing Scientific Group on Physical Sciences (SSG/PS) (1335 downloads) Download (pdf, 195 KB)
pdf SCAR XXVIII 15: Report on the XXV Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, Warsaw, September 2002 (1283 downloads) Download (pdf, 116 KB)
pdf SCAR XXVIII 16: Report on the XXVI Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, Madrid, June 2003 (1306 downloads) Download (pdf, 84 KB)
pdf SCAR XXVIII 17: Report on the XXVII Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, Cape Town, June 2004 (1303 downloads) Download (pdf, 99 KB)
pdf SCAR XXVIII 18a: Report of the Joint Committee on Antarctic Data Management (JCADM) (1515 downloads) Download (pdf, 284 KB)
pdf SCAR XXVIII 18b: JCADM Proposal to COMNAP and SCAR (1521 downloads) Download (pdf, 68 KB)
pdf SCAR XXVIII 19: Joint Meeting of the SCAR and COMNAP Executive Committees Bremen, July 2004 (1251 downloads) Download (pdf, 104 KB)
pdf SCAR XXVIII 20: XXVII SCAR Recommendations (1226 downloads) Download (pdf, 86 KB)
pdf SCAR XXVIII 21: XXVIII SCAR Recommendations (1218 downloads) Download (pdf, 114 KB)