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pdf SCAR EXCOM 2019 Paper 5: Report from AnT-ERA SRP

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SCAR EXCOM 2019 Paper 5: Report from AnT-ERA SRP

SCAR Executive Committee Meeting
30-31 July, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

SCAR EXCOM 2019 Paper 5: Report from AnT-ERA SRP

Antarctic Thresholds – Ecosystem Resilience and Adaptation (AnT-ERA), 2018-19 Report

Agenda Item: 4
Person Responsible: Julian Gutt

Report Authors: Julian Gutt with contributions from SSC members (from Argentina, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, UK, USA).


  1. Capacity building. (a) A course on "Biological Processes in Antarctic Ecosystems" in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for 44 graduate, PhD students and post-docs from ten countries held by ten AnT-ERA lecturers and local experts, hosted by the Instituto Antártico Argentino and made possible by SCAR support.

  2. Support for early-career scientists. (a) Most of the 2018 budget used for spring course for ECS, see above. (b) In addition, nine mini-grants were awarded in 2018 to ECS from six countries.

  3. Scientific output. (a) A half-day workshop on "Antarctic and Arctic Ecosystems" chaired by AnT-ERA (Gutt) and IASC/Marine Working group (Kedra & Cooper) with approx. 100 participants as side event of the 2018 OSC. The protocol provides the basis for a unique SCAR manuscript to be published in 2019.

  4. Dissemination. (a) AnT-ERA contributed significantly to the 2019 ACCE update to the ATCM, (b) to the first Global Assessment of the IPBES, (c) to SOOS initiatives. (d) The article on "Antarctic Marine Biodiversity" was published online by the "Antarctic Environments Portal" with contributions from AnT-ERA. (e) Announcements for events and job opportunities are sent regularly, approx. twice per months, to the approx. 520 mailing list members.

  5. Final scientific outcome of AnT-ERA. A synthesis workshop "Most important findings 2010-2020 on biological processes in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean" in Coimbra, Portugal is in an advanced stage of preparation. The structure will provide the basis for a paper, being a unique SCAR output, eventually partly in assessment style, to be published before the 2020 OSC, where the results are to be presented.

  6. Miscellaneous. (a) Support of the 2018 OSC with key notes and chairman-ship of sessions. (b) International events were co-chaired by AnT-ERA SC members and key notes were given, e.g. on sea-ice and polar environments.