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pdf SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP04: The SCAR Implementation Plan


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SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP04: The SCAR Implementation Plan
SCAR Executive Committee Meeting
9-11 July 2007, Washington DC, USA

SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP04: The SCAR Implementation Plan

Working Paper 4
Agenda Item: 1
Deadline: 8 April
Person Responsible: Summerhayes

The SCAR Implementation Plan July 2006-July 2008


SCAR’s overall goals are set out in broad detail in the SCAR Strategic Plan 2004-2010, published on the SCAR web site at: (updated link)

SCAR works to a biennial cycle that culminates in the biennial SCAR meetings. At these meetings and at meetings of the Executive Committee in intervening years, the tasks and milestones are identified that must be met during the next biennial cycle, to meet SCAR’s overall objectives. These action items form the basis for an Implementation Plan, which extends from one biennial SCAR meeting to the next. Both the Strategic Plan and the Implementation Plan guide the achievement of SCAR’s mission, which is:

“to be the leading independent organisation for facilitating and coordinating Antarctic research, and for identifying issues emerging from greater scientific understanding of the region that should be brought to the attention of policy makers”. 

To achieve that mission, SCAR aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. to initiate, develop, and co-ordinate high quality international scientific research in the Antarctic region, and on the role of the Antarctic region in the Earth system;
  2. to provide objective and independent scientific advice to the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings and other organizations on issues of science and conservation affecting the management of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.
  3. to facilitate free and unrestricted access to Antarctic scientific data and information;
  4. to develop scientific capacity in all SCAR Members, especially with respect to younger scientists, and to promote the incorporation of Antarctic science in education at all levels;
  5. to communicate scientific information about the Antarctic region to the public.
  6. to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility of the structure, working mechanisms and practices of SCAR.
  7. to increase funding to match requirements, and to maintain a healthy funding stream.

The Implementation Plan is organised into the same 7 sections as the Strategic Plan. Each section addresses one of the 7 objectives listed above, and includes tasks and milestones identified during the meetings of the Executive Committee and Delegates in Hobart. The tasks are to be accomplished by specific parties including the Secretariat and the Executive Committee. Another set of tasks and milestones identified in Hobart during the business meetings of the SSGs, is not addressed here, but will be considered for action by the officers of the SSGs during the inter-sessional period.