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document Antarctic Place Name Proposal Form


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Antarctic Place Name Proposal Form

Proposals to name unnamed features in Antarctica should adhere to the International Principles and Procedures for Antarctic Place Names, as detailed in pdf SCAR Report 41 (442 KB) .

Proposers should consult with a national naming authority.  It is then the responsibility of this naming authority to consult with other naming authorities of countries operating in the region, according to the requirements of these principles and procedures.

Proposals should include full information about the name, the reasons for its choice, the reason the feature needs a name and a clear description of the feature. The description should include a precise position in terms of geographic coordinates as well as a map, chart or image at a sufficiently large scale to show the feature.  Geographic extent may also be appropriate.

This form is provided as an MS Word document to assist with the process.  If you need the form in a different format, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..