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SCAR Lectures at the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings

There is an annual SCAR Lecture at the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings. Here you will find the presentation slides of these lectures, with links to the lecture abstract, text, associated Treaty papers and other material. 


Toggle Title Download
pdf SCAR Lecture 2019: What does the Paris Climate Agreement Mean for Antarctic and Southern Ocean Environmental Protection? (483 downloads) Download (pdf, 2.42 MB)
pdf SCAR Lecture 2017: What does the United Nations Paris Climate Agreement mean for Antarctica? (2552 downloads) Download (pdf, 3.55 MB)
pdf SCAR Lecture 2016: Exploring the Future of Scientific Research in Antarctica (729 downloads) Download (pdf, 10.16 MB)
pdf SCAR Lecture 2015: Southern Ocean Acidification (800 downloads) Download (pdf, 1.74 MB)
pdf SCAR Lecture 2014: Back to the Future: Past Antarctic Climates, Ice Sheet History & Their Relevance for Understanding Future Trends (570 downloads) Download (pdf, 13.43 MB)
pdf SCAR Lecture 2013: Probing for Life at its Limits: Exploration of Subglacial Aquatic Ecosystems (788 downloads) Download (pdf, 6.03 MB)
pdf SCAR Lecture 2012: Aliens in Antarctica (750 downloads) Download (pdf, 8.35 MB)
pdf SCAR Lecture 2011: Detecting the Imprint of Humans on Antarctica: A Case Study (630 downloads) Download (pdf, 11.26 MB)
pdf SCAR Lecture 2010: Psychrophiles: A Challenge for Life (693 downloads) Download (pdf, 2.19 MB)
pdf SCAR Lecture 2009: Marine Life and Change in the Southern Ocean (673 downloads) Download (pdf, 14.66 MB)
pdf SCAR Lecture 2008: Space Weather and its Effects (667 downloads) Download (pdf, 4.50 MB)
pdf SCAR Lecture 2007: Climate Change and the Antarctic: What Next? (629 downloads) Download (pdf, 22.56 MB)
pdf SCAR Lecture 2006: Climate Change: an Antarctic Perspective (591 downloads) Download (pdf, 20.31 MB)
pdf SCAR Lecture 2005: Biodiversity: Antarctic Moves in Life's Grand Game (618 downloads) Download (pdf, 20.59 MB)
pdf SCAR Lecture 2004: The Secret Life of Lake Vostok (605 downloads) Download (pdf, 68.33 MB)