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pdf WP036: Ocean Acidification in the Southern Ocean


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WP036: Ocean Acidification in the Southern Ocean

ATCM XLIII and CEP XXIII 2021, Paris, France / Online

Working Paper

WP036: Ocean Acidification in the Southern Ocean

Submitted: 29 April 2021


The world’s oceans are inexorably evolving toward a state of acidification dissimilar to what has been witnessed throughout human history, this anthropogenic phenomenon is termed Ocean Acidification (OA). The coupled physical/chemical changes have far-reaching consequences for marine habitats, organisms, ecosystems and ecosystem services. Predicted intensification of OA in the coming decades will likely disrupt physiological processes and reduce calcification, development, and fecundity in a range of organisms. As with global temperatures, the rate of OA is as concerning as the degree of change. Acidification is accelerating faster than previously estimated driven by the increasing rate of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.


ATCM - Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting
CEP - Committee for Environmental Protection
43rd Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting
14 - 24 June 2021