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INSTANT Workshop: The future of geodetic-geophysical observational networks in Antarctica
From Thursday 29 September 2022
To Saturday 01 October 2022
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This workshop is organized by the SCAR Scientific Research Programme INSTANT, SC2.2 "Probing the Solid Earth and Its Interactions". All interested scientists, especially early-career scientists and students, as well as stakeholders are invited to this workshop with the goal of discussing the science rationale of geodetic-geophysical in-situ measurements in Antarctica. We will evaluate the challenges and benefits of utilizing respective infrastructure in dedicated, temporarily restricted projects as well as with a long-term prospect. For this, the international cooperation and coordination will become even more important, especially when defining the most important scientific questions and developing new ideas to exploit synergies in a much better way than at present.

Registration is open via the online form. Hotel booking information will be provided in the confirmation email sent to the email address provided during your registration.

See the workshop details for more information.

Location : Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

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