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28th European Research Course on Atmospheres (ERCA)
From Sunday 12 January 2020
To Saturday 08 February 2020
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ERCA (European Research Course on Atmospheres) is intended for students enrolled in PhD programs, young scientists and engineers from universities and public/private research institutes wishing to complete their formation with a broad research course related to Atmosphere, Climate and Climate change studies.

As summer (or winter) courses go, we believe ERCA is quite unique in various ways:

  • ERCA is intended as a multidisciplinary course, centered on atmosphere and climate, yet extending clearly out of this scope to the social aspects of global change, to space weather, to hydrology and oceanography, to environmental chemistry and biogeochemistry. It is our conviction that young scientists need to bridge sciences now more than ever.
  • practical activities (at OHP and in Grenoble) centered on atmospheric observations and data analysis (python based) make up a third of the program, bridging the gap from individual measurement techniques to observation networks to data usage.
  • one fifth of the time is devoted to a strong collective project letting you work on a collaborative research proposal.
  • the attendance is very diverse (typically 20 nationalities for each session).

All this makes ERCA a unique opportunity to explore new potential collaborations and to broaden scientific perspectives.

A limited number of student assistantships will be available in particular for students from emerging countries.

Deadline for Registration: 7 October 2019

Full details and registration are on the ERCA School website.

Location Grenoble and the astronomical Observatory of Haute-Provence, France

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