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2019 WAIS Workshop
From Wednesday 16 October 2019
To Friday 18 October 2019
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This meeting hosts transdisciplinary and societally critical science focused on marine ice-sheet and adjacent earth systems, with particular emphasis on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.

For 2019, sessions topics will include: 

  • Will the snowflakes save us? Near-surface science in West Antarctica using shallow geophysics, ice cores, firn studies, atmospheric reanalysis, meteorological observations, and modeling.
  • Processes Beneath: Deep geophysics, direct-access experiments, microbiology, sediment coring, and modeling for quantifying critical processes from the basal interface to the core.
  • The Great Glacier Conveyer - A John Nye & Wally Broecker Appreciation Session: Connecting paleo understanding with modern processes.
  • From The Sea: Polar oceanography, tropical teleconnections, marine life, and ice front dynamics and their impact on a changing WAIS.
  • The Leading Edge: New boundary conditions, new modeling techniques, Operation IceBridge, ICESat-2, GRACE, GRACE-FO, NISAR, and data science applications for West Antarctic science.
  • Dynamics across the grounding line: Past, present, and future understanding of the ice stream-grounding zone-ice shelf transition seen from the ground, air, satellites, and models.
  • Science Communication: Taking WAIS science beyond our room.
  • Community Health: Avoiding, acknowledging, and approaching issues with field harassment.

Abstract submission deadline: 12 August 2019.

Registration deadline: 10 September 2019.

For full details, please visit the Workshop website.

Location Julian, California, USA

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