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2nd SCAR Summer School on Polar Geodesy
From Thursday 10 May 2018
To Saturday 19 May 2018
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Contact Mirko.Scheinert@tu‐dresden.de

The SCAR Summer School on Polar Geodesy provides a concise course on geodetic ground‐based and satellite methods, focussed on polar applications, in combination with lectures on geophysics and glaciology. The school addresses master and PhD students, as well as young scientists (age limit: 30 years), to draw their interest to polar research and to the cooperation of different geo-scientific disciplines to carry out investigations both in the Arctic and Antarctic.

The school is supported by SCAR's Expert Group on Geodetic Infrastructure in Antarctica (GIANT) and by the SCAR Research Programme Solid Earth Responses and influences on Cryospheric Evolution (SERCE).

The summer school will take place at AARI Ladoga Base, in the settlement Ladozhskoe Ozero (about 70 km east of St. Petersburg, 1.5 hours by local train), where accommodation is also provided.

The programme comprises lectures, exercises and practical work. We plan to organize a one‐day excursion to the city of St. Petersburg, Pulkovo Observatory and/or Kronstadt. We aim to provide a synergetic linkage between geodesy and its application to polar regions, glaciology and geodynamics.

More information is available on the Summer School website

The application deadline is 30 January 2018. For full details, including how to apply and financial support, see the Call for Participation.

Please get in touch with us at info@scar.org if you'd like to advertise an event.