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Workshop on Sea Ice - Structure Interaction
Monday 13 November 2017
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The British Antarctic Survey, together with ICE-ARC and the Isaac Newton Institute programme on Mathematics of Sea Ice Phenomena, invites delegates from industry and academia to attend a day of talks and discussions on topics relevant to sea ice interaction with structures, such as ships and fixed platforms. The talks will be from a broad range of experts, with the explicit aim to ensure open and free-flowing discussions about current and future challenges between all participants. Particular topics to be covered include overview of sea ice changes in Arctic and Antarctic, advances in technology for ice mechanics, remote sensing for ship routing, and ice forces on ship and structures.

For more information, including links to the workshop programme and registration, please visit the workshop website.  Registration deadline is 6 November 2017.

Further background:
Our current knowledge of sea ice mechanics stems largely from measurements performed in a multi-year ice setting, rather than the first-year, sea-ice dominated Arctic of recent years. Even less information is available regarding sea ice mechanics in the Antarctic. The remarkable reduction in Arctic sea ice extent and thickness we have witnessed over past decades influences many fundamental sea ice processes, including its dynamics, mechanics and thermodynamics. As a result, our current state of knowledge of these processes and the validity of many of the parameterisations presently embedded in models become questionable. This workshop aims to provide an open forum to discuss the present level of our knowledge on sea ice interaction with dynamic and fixed structures such as ships, wharfs and platforms, and how future research could help address challenges experienced by industry.

Location British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK

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