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IP083: SCAR Report to XXVII ATCM

ATCM XXVII and CEP VII 2004, Capetown, South Africa

Information Paper

IP083: SCAR Report to XXVII ATCM


This paper gives an overview of SCAR and its principle scientific activities. It notes the appointment of Dr Colin P Summerhayes as SCAR Executive Director, outlines progress on planning for the International Polar Year 2007-2008 and introduces a new programme proposal on Subglacial Antarctic Lake Exploration (SALE). Appendices include membership of SCAR, SCAR Executive Committee, SCAR Secretariat and SCAR Chief Officers.

ATCM - Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting
CEP - Committee for Environmental Protection
27th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting
24 May 2004 - 04 Jun 2004