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SCAR Papers to the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings

SCAR Papers to the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings

SCAR's Standing Committee on the Antarctic Treaty System is responsible for coordinating the advice presented to the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings. This is mainly done through the presentation of papers at the meetings. The papers submitted by SCAR over many years can be found here.


ATCM XLV and CEP XXV 2023, Helsinki, Finland
ATCM XLIV and CEP XXIV 2022, Berlin, Germany
ATCM XLIII and CEP XXIII 2021, Paris, France
ATCM XLII and CEP XXII 2019, Prague, Czech Republic
ATCM XLI and CEP XXI 2018, Buenos Aires, Argentina
ATCM XL and CEP XX 2017, Beijing, China
ATCM XXXIX and CEP XIX 2016, Santiago, Chile
ATCM XXXVIII and CEP XVIII 2015, Sofia, Bulgaria
ATCM XXXVII and CEP XVII 2014, Brasilia, Brazil
ATCM XXXVI AND CEP XVI 2013, Brussels, Belgium
ATCM XXXV and CEP XV 2012, Hobart, Australia
ATCM XXXIV and CEP XIV 2011, Buenos Aires, Argentina
ATCM XXXIII and CEP XIII 2010, Punta del Este, Uruguay
ATCM XXXII and CEP XII 2009, Baltimore, United States
ATCM XXXI and CEP XI 2008, Kyiv, Ukraine
ATCM XXX and CEP X 2007, New Delhi, India
ATCM XXIX and CEP IX 2006, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
ATCM XXVIII and CEP VIII 2005, Stockholm, Sweden
ATCM XXVII and CEP VII 2004, Capetown, South Africa
SCAR Lectures at the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings


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