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The SCAR Secretariat is staffed by the Executive Director, Executive Officer, a part-time Administrative Officer and a part-time Communications and Information Officer.  It is responsible for the day-to-day administration of SCAR and is reports to the Executive Committee. The SCAR Secretariat is based at the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge, UK.

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
Scott Polar Research Institute
Lensfield Road
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1223 336550
Fax: +44 1223 336549
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SCAR Staff

Executive Director - Dr Chandrika Nath

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Chandrika has over 15 years’ experience of providing scientific advice to policy makers with the UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology. She has briefed UK policymakers on a wide range of policy areas spanning environment, energy, security, ICT and international development. Prior to working for Parliament, Chandrika worked as a glaciologist at the British Antarctic Survey from 1998-2002. She has a keen interest in diversity and capacity building and has worked with parliaments and researchers across the world to support uptake of research evidence in policy-making. She has a PhD in High Energy Physics from Oxford University.

Dr Nath joined the Secretariat in July 2018.


Executive Officer - Dr Eoghan Griffin

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Eoghan has a PhD in Atmospheric Physics and an MSc in Experimental Physics.

From 1994, Eoghan spent the next 15 years at University College London in the Atmospheric Physics Laboratory studying the polar upper atmosphere, first as a PhD student and then as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow until 2009.  He then joined the Imperial College INSPIRE teacher training programme and became a qualified teacher in 2010 before joining SCAR as a Project Officer in September 2011.  In this role he helped manage aspects of the Open Science Conferences, Climate Change communications and latterly the day-to-day finances at the Secretariat.  Eoghan took up the post of Executive Officer on 1 January 2015.


Administrative Officer - Mrs Rosemary Nash

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part-time: 9am-3pm, Monday to Thursday

Rosemary has a BA in History and Psychology and has worked in a number of administrative and other roles during her lengthy and varied career, including some years as a computer programmer, and a period as a full-time mother.

Rosemary joined SCAR as Administrative Assistant in October 2007. At that time, she knew very little about Antarctica except that it had penguins not polar bears, and that there was a landmass under the ice which had been part of Gondwana. She’s learnt a lot since then!



AliceOates Photo WebCommunications and Information Officer - Johanna Grabow

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Johanna has a MA in English Literature and History and completed her PhD at Leipzig University on the reception of Antarctica in literature. Her previous work experience includes a position as communications and press officer at a publishing house and as coordinator of the Erasmus Programme. Johanna has also worked seasonally as an expedition guide and lecturer in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Johanna joined the Secretariat in September 2019.


Secretariat Quarterly Reports

Since the reorganisation of SCAR in 2004 and the appointment of the first Executive Director, the SCAR Secretariat staff have provided a report at the end of each quarter, detailing the work they have undertaken in the previous three months. If you are intersted in reading about the achievments of the Secretariat, read the reports.

Quarterly Reports folder

History of SCAR Secretariat Staff

Assistant/Executive Secretaries and Executive Directors

George E Hemmen Assistant Secretary    
Executive Secretary    
Peter D Clarkson Executive Secretary    
Colin P Summerhayes Executive Director    
Michael D Sparrow Executive Director    
Jenny L Baeseman Executive Director    
P Chandrika Nath Executive Director    

Executive Officers

Marzena Kaczmarska    
Michael D Sparrow    
Renuka Badhe    
Eoghan Griffin    

Project Officer

(temporary post supported by funds from Norway and the Tinker Foundation)

Eoghan Griffin    

Secretaries, Administrative Assistants and Administrative Officers

Mrs H G Hatley Secretary    
Miss J Cotton Secretary    
Mrs L Jones Secretary    
Miss E F Lingham Secretary    
Miss L Teasdale Secretary    
Miss P J Bunn Secretary    
Mrs M Calder Secretary    
Miss C M Gairdner Secretary    
Mrs J M Jones Secretary    
Mrs J E Whiting Secretary    
Ms V Hunter Secretary    
Mrs P M Richmond Secretary    
Mrs M J Hassett Administrative Assistant    
Mr N Bislanis Administrative Assistant  
Mr D Dissanayake Administrative Assistant  
Mr M Armansin Administrative Assistant  
Moira J Hassett Administrative Assistant    
Amanda J Dalton Administrative Assistant    
Karen Smith Administrative Assistant    
Rosemary Nash Administrative Assistant
Administrative Officer