GeoSciences Group (GSG)

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference for all Science Groups are to:

  • take a strategic view of scientific research requirements in the Antarctic, keeping under review scientific matters dealing with the Antarctic environment;
  • share information on disciplinary scientific research being conducted by national Antarctic programmes, and identify research areas where current research is lacking;
  • coordinate proposals for future research to achieve maximum scientific and logistic effectiveness;
  • establish links and/or partnerships with other relevant international organizations having an interest in Antarctic science;
  • identify research areas or fields that might be best investigated by a SCAR Scientific Research Programme and where appropriate establish a Scientific Programme Planning Group to develop a formal proposal for consideration by the Delegates;
  • establish Action Groups and Expert Groups, either individually or jointly with either or both other Science Groups to address specific scientific topics;
  • make funding requests where appropriate for SCAR support of Science Group activities (symposia, workshops, etc);
  • provide scientific advice to the Meetings of Directors, Secretariat, or Standing Committees as required;
  • keep other SCAR Subsidiary Bodies and the SCAR Secretariat aware of their actions and plans;
  • encourage submission of data and metadata to the Antarctic Data Management System.