SCAR Secretariat

Executive Director - Dr Jenny Baeseman

Jenny at McMurdo 500x340Dr Jenny Baeseman began her love of the cold growing up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, USA.  She has a BSc in Water Chemistry from the University of WI - Stevens Point, an MSc in Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota, a PhD also in Civil Engineering with an environmental emphasis from the University of Colorado, and postdoctoral training in Geosciences from Princeton University. She has spent four seasons in Antarctica, three in the McMurdo Dry Valleys and one on the peninsula.

Jenny was very involved in the planning of the International Polar Year (IPY) and, through this, co-founded and subsequently became the Founding Director of the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) which grew to over 3500 members from 76 countries during her leadership. One of her main objectives in developing APECS was to help young researchers combine their interests in interdisciplinary polar science with education and outreach and gain international leadership through professional development activities.

In April 2012 she turned over the reins of the early career group to become the Director of the Climate and the Cryosphere Project (CliC), sponsored by the WCRP (World Climate Research Programme), SCAR and IASC (the International Arctic Science Committee). The CliC Project office is hosted by the Norwegian Polar Institute in Tromsø, Norway. She continues research in her spare time through an adjunct position at the International Arctic Research Center (IARC) at the University of Alaska – Fairbanks. One of Jenny's personal goals is to make sure everyone she meets knows that polar bears don't eat penguins - as they live at different Poles.