Standing Committee on Antarctic Geographic Information


Update 21 June 2017:

During the meeting in Bermerhaven, explained below, some presentations were made by participants via Skype (AU) or in absentia (CN and NZ). The links to these presentations are available below (update 11 June 2017).

Hereafter the different presentations that were made during the meeting:

- ADD;

- CGA including the IT presentation;

- Working group on Antarctic Place Names, including the BE presentation;

- the national presentations from BG, CZ, NO, UK, USA.


Update 11 June 2017:

An intersessional meeting of SCAGI is planned this 12 June 2017, followed by a workshop about the Air Operations Planning Map of Antarctica, at AWI, Bermerhave (DE).

The agenda of 12 and 13 June meeting can be found here.

A few members couldn't make it for Bremerhaven but have sent in an advanced report: Australia, China, New Zealand.

Before that, SCAGI met on 21 August 2016 in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

The minutes of this KL meeting are available here (upload ongoing). They are submitted to the intersessional meeting in Bremerhaven on 12 June 2017. A formal approval will be asked in Davos, in 2018.

All the presentations of the KL meeting could be uploaded thanks to the kind technical support of Rosemary Nash!

Air Operations Planning Map, ADD, Australia (by Skype),  Belgium, Bulgaria in absentia, China, Germany (written), Itally (written), Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of Amarica, Canada and France to follow.


Update 17 August 2016:

SCAGI met on 15 June 2015 in Brussels (Belgium). We organize intersessional meetings in years where there's no Open Science Conference.

There was also a workshop after the SCAGI meeting attended by Belgium, Norway, UK and USA. The major output from the workshop was an agreed final specification for the map series.

The relevant documents are available here: Agenda of the meeting, Minutes and reports from Australia, Bulgaria, Italia, New-Zealand, United Kingdom, USA (italic in absentia). Due to some size limitations, some of the national reports could not be uploaded. On simple demand you can get them by contacting


Update 14 January 2015:

The minutes of our Auckland meeting are available here.


SCAGI met on 23 August 2014 in Auckland (New Zealand).

The talks were very interesting and fruitful. Some important decisions were made.

Hereafter we publish the national reports that were presented, some of them in absentia:

Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Japan map1 / map2, Korea, New Zealand, Norway, United Kingdom, USA