Standing Committee on Antarctic Data Management



SC-ADM meets annually, with every second meeting in conjunction with SCAR. Reports, workplans and documents are published on the Meetings and reports page. SC-ADM's responsibilities include:

Promotion of Antarctic data management
Providing guidance to the Antarctic Master Directory host
Establishing Antarctic data management policies and priorities
The recruitment of National Antarctic Data Centres (NADCs)
Encouraging scientists to submit metadata to the Antarctic Master Directory
Reporting to SCAR on Antarctic data management issues
SCAR provides funding to support the Antarctic Master Directory (hosted by the Global Change Master Directory - GCMD). The GCMD is expected to provide support to the NADCs. NADCs are funded at a national level.


In 1985 ATCM Recommendation X111-5 asked SCAR for advice to improve the comparability and accessibility of Antarctic data.

IIn 1989 SCAR established the ad hoc Committee on the Coordination of Antarctic Data (CCAD). ATCM Recommendation XV-1 6 (1989) then suggested that governments assist the work of the CCAD and the development of an Antarctic scientific data directory.

The SCAR-COMNAP ad hoc Planning Group on Antarctic Data Management was established at XXII SCAR in June 1992 to replace the CCAD. The terms of reference for the Planning Group included:

Coordination and management of Antarctic data
Considering SCAR's programs and requirements under the ATS, especially with respect to the Protocol on Environmental Protection
In 1992, the Group proposed the development of an Antarctic Data Directory System - NADCs linked to the AMD. The AMD would be hosted by the GCMD. The recommendations were accepted by the Antarctic Treaty Meeting in 1992 and by the SCAR and COMNAP executives in 1993.

In 1997, the Joint Committee on Antarctic Data Management (JCADM) replaced the Planning Group. Formal links with COMNAP ceased in January 2009 and JCADM became a SCAR Standing Committee and was thus renamed the Standing Comittee on Antarctic Data Management (SC-ADM).