SCAR Publications

SCAR produces a number of publications.  Some are issued as parts of series, such as the SCAR Bulletin (issued around three times a year and reporting on SCAR meetings and SCAR's involvement in Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings), the SCAR Report (issued irregularly and reporting mostly on SCAR subsidiary group meetings and workshops, strategy and meetings with other organisations) and the montlhly SCAR Newsletter.  Many SCAR publications are individual, one-off publications which are classed as "occasional" since they do not form part of a series.  Recent Occasional Publications include the Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean, the Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment report, the History of SCAR ("Science in the Snow") and SCAR's Strategic Plans. 

In addition to SCAR's own publications, there are other publications which are classified as SCAR products.  The most recent of these is the publication from the Indian National Science Academy, published in the Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy entitled "Recent Antarctic Research in India: The National Committee Report to SCAR (2017)".  This volume provides a bird's-eye view of the Antarctic research carried out by Indian researchers.