Occasional Publications

India PINSA special cover smRecent Antarctic Research in India: The National Committee Report to SCAR (2017). Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy, vol 83, No. 2 June Thematic Issue 2017, 245-512. E-ISSN 2454-9983

Scie2017 Strategic Plan cover lowresntific Committee on Antarctic Research. 2017. Strategic Plan 2017-2022: Connecting and Building Antarctic Research. ISBN: 978 0 948277 53 5. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.229139

BiogBiogeographic Atlas cover iconeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean. De Broyer, C., Koubbi, P., Griffiths, H.J., Raymond, B., Udekem d’Acoz, C. d’, Van de Putte, A.P., Danis, B., David, B., Grant, S., Gutt, J., Held, C., Hosie, G., Huettmann, F., Post, A., Ropert-Coudert, Y. (eds.): 510 pp., 2014. Cambridge, SCAR. ISBN 978-0-948277-28-3

SOOS Strategy Cover IconThe Southern Ocean Observing System: Initial Science and Implementation Strategy. Rintoul, S.R., Sparrow, M., Meredith, M.P., Wadley, V., Speer, K., Hofmann, E., Summerhayes, C., Urban, E., Bellerby, R.: 74 pp., 2012. Cambridge, SCAR. ISBN 978 0 948277 27 6

Science-in-the-Snow cover iconScience in the Snow: Fifty years of international collaboration through the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research. D W H Walton & P D Clarkson (with additional material by C P Summerhayes): 272 pp., 2011. Cambridge, SCAR. ISBN 978 0 948277 25 2

Strat Plan cover icon

The SCAR Strategic Plan 2011-2016: 'Antarctic Science and Policy Advice in a Changing World'

Summerhayes History cover iconA History of SCAR, 2004-2010. C.P. Summerhayes, 2011. SCAR Occasional Publication. SCAR, Cambridge. ISBN 978 0 948277 26 9

IPY Report cover icon

Understanding Earth's Polar Challenges: International Polar Year 2007-2008, 2011, Krupnik et al., (eds)., CCI Press, Alberta, Canada, 695 pp., - available online on the ICSU website.

All About SCAR Kennicutt iconAnalysis: Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, M. Kennicutt, 2010. Published by Research Media.

POPs Report cover iconPersistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in the Antarctic Environment: A Review of Findings. R. Fuoco, G. Capodaglio, B. Muscatello and M. Radaelli (SCAR Action Group on Environmental Contamination in Antarctica): 98 pp., 2009. Cambridge, SCAR. ISBN 978 0 948277 23 8

Front cover of the ACCE ReportAntarctic Climate Change and the Environment. Turner, J., Bindschadler, R.A., Convey, P., Di Prisco, G., Fahrbach, E., Gutt, J., Hodgson, D.A., Mayewski, P.A., and Summerhayes, C.P.: 526 pp., 2009. Cambridge, SCAR. ISBN 978 0 948277 22 1

SCAR logo blue background iconFuture Directions in Antarctic Science: Implications for National Programs. M.C.Kennicutt, 2009. Invited paper for COMNAP meeting, Punta Arenas, 3 August 2009. 10 pp.

SCAR logo blue background iconKing George Island and SCAR Science. M.C.Kennicutt, 2009. Invited paper for COMNAP meeting, Punta Arenas, 3 August 2009. 8 pp.

Cryos Theme Report cover iconIntegrated Global Observing Strategy Cryosphere Theme Report - For the Monitoring of our Environment from Space and from Earth. IGOS, 2007. Geneva: World Meteorological Organization. WMO/TD-No. 1405. 100 pp.

Strategic Plan 2004 10 cover icon
SCAR Strategic Plan, 2004-2010

Woehler etal Seabirds 2001 cover iconA Statistical Assessment of the Status and Trends of Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Seabirds; Montana Workshop Report. Woehler et al., 2001.

Woehler and Croxall Seabirds 1997 iconThe Status and Trends of Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Seabirds. Woehler & Croxall (1997)

Woehler Penguins cover iconThe Distribution and Abundance of Antarctic and Subantarctic Penguins, compiled on behalf of the SCAR Bird Biology Subcommittee by Eric J Woehler. 76 pp. 1993. ISBN 0 948277 14 9.

Oil in the Antarctic cover iconOil and Other Minerals in the Antarctic: the environmental implications of possible mineral exploration or exploitation in Antarctica. M W Holdgate and J Tinker: 51 pp., 1979. Cambridge, SCAR. (Report of a Workshop at the Rockefeller Foundation Conference Centre, Bellagio, Italy, 5-8 March 1978).

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