Geodetic Infrastructure of Antarctica (GIANT) Expert Group

Terms of Reference
  1. Provide a common geospatial reference system for all Antarctic scientists and operators;
  2. Contribute to global geodesy for the study of the physical processes of the earth and the maintenance of the precise terrestrial reference frame;
  3. Provide information for monitoring the horizontal and vertical motion of the Antarctic;
  4. Provide advice to broader research community on the application of geodetic techniques and the reference frame in Antarctica;
  5. Maintain and develop geodetic infrastructure in Antarctica (permanent observatories, GNSS and especially collocated techniques);
  6. Contribute with data and expertise to the realisation and maintenance of a precise reference frame in Antarctica;
  7. Contribute data and solutions for further analyses, especially for geodynamic applications (e.g. GIA);
  8. Maintain a close interdisciplinary cooperation (especially to assist SCAR Scientific Research Programme SERCE);
  9. Provide information on technology and data access;
  10. Support scientists of neighbouring disciplines in the application of geodetic techniques (especially GNSS);
  11. Develop communication and outreach, support the education of early career scientists.