Biogeochemical Exchange Processes at the Sea-Ice Interfaces (BEPSII) Action Group

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for the BEPSII AG are:

  • Develop dedicated consistent methodologies for sea-ice biogeochemical research;
  • Establish effective sea-ice biogeochemical data archiving approaches and databases;
  • Summarize existing knowledge in order to prioritize processes and model parameterizations;
  • Foster ecological process studies to determine their impact on biogeochemical cycles;
  • Foster technological developments towards large-scale, autonomous and high-frequency sampling of sea-ice biogeochemical parameters;
  • Improve the representation and evaluation of sea-ice biogeochemistry in regional and Earth System numerical models;
  • Synthesize and integrate observational and modeling efforts;
  • Continually revise and renew scientific foci, teams, and objectives.