Antarctic Sea-ice Processes and Climate (ASPeCt) Expert Group


Original Group Membership:

S.F. Ackley (Co-Chair, USA)

Marilyn Raphael (Co-Chair, USA)

Kay Ohshima (Japan)

Martin Vancoppenolle (Fr)

Petra Heil (Australia)

Rob Massom(Australia)

Ted Maksym (USA)

Thorsten Markus (USA)

Pat Langhorne (NZ)

Hyoung Chul Shin (Ko)

Elizabeth Hunke (USA)

Marcel Nicolaus (Ger)

Klaus Meiners (Australia)

Sharon Stammerjohn (USA)

Ron Kwok (USA)

Timo Vihma (Finland)

Jean Louis Tison (Be)

A list of members of the ASPeCt Scientific Steering Group is available on the ASPeCt website.