Expert Group on Antarctic Volcanism (AntVolc)


ANTVOLC started its activities in 2015. Two meetings have been convened:

  • a kickstart meeting at Catania (Italy);
  • a short ad hoc meeting at Goa (India) during the XII ISAES.

Both meetings were successful as the first important steps to widen knowledge of the EG existence and to begin rebuilding an Antarctic volcanic community. As a result of the two meetings, the group is now active, with more than 75 persons from more than dozen countries registering their interest.

At Catania, the first part of the meeting was dedicated to comprehensive reviews by selected experts to establish the current state of the art of knowledge of Antarctic volcanism. These presentations will be available to the whole scientific community, once we reconcile issues of confidentiality (images & information in several talks were unpublished and require protection). A dozen posters resulting from key volcanic research during recent years were also presented. The second part of the meeting involved ad hoc brainstorming in which all participants contributed ideas in order to (1) identify overarching key topics for future Antarctic volcanology; and (2) define and agree on common activities and possible deliverables, and identify necessary or advantageous interactions we might/should develop with other communities or institutions (e.g. National Programs, SCAR-SSG, IAATO etc). The organizational structure (e.g. group membership, steering committee, regional/national/discipline coordinators) was also briefly discussed.

At Goa about 20 people attended a short introductory meeting. The intention was to announce the formation of the group to the SCAR community in general. In addition to describing who we are and what the rationale is for our existence, a short report was also presented on the outcomes of the Catania meeting. A discussion followed in which we were encouraged to continue developing the group activity and to pursue interactions and links with other SCAR Expert/Action groups, Scientific Programs and with other institutions, such as IAVCEI.

A new general meeting and a scientific session on “Antarctic volcanism in space & time – magmatic, tectonic and palaeoenvironmental aspects & linkages” has been scheduled for the XXXIV Scar Open Science Meeting of Kula Lumpur (August 2016). The scientific session received 11 contributions.