Antarctic Near-shore and Terrestrial Observing System (ANTOS)


Critical to the success of ANTOS will be the management and accessibility of the data generated. The Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI), under the guidance of Dr Soon Gyu Hong, has agreed to design and host an open-source ANTOS database.

This is currently in the early stages of development but a provisional design was presented to the 2015 ANTOS Workshop attendees for comment. It was recognized that other analogous databases exist for the Antarctic arena and that all efforts should be made to integrate and cross reference data where ever possible.

The workshop attendees agreed that the comparative and predictive power of the ANTOS data comes from having all of the data accessible in one virtual location. To achieve this admirable objective an ANTOS database advisory committee has been established to ensure that the disciplinary data requirements and the needed statistics are considered at all phases of database design and implementation.

This committee is comprised of: Soon Gyu Hong (chair), Stefano Schiaparelli/Drew Lohrer (Italy/NZ; marine), Craig Cary/Charlie Lee (both NZ; terrestrial), Fraser Morgan (NZ; database design), and Adrian McDonald (NZ; statistics).