Antarctic Near-shore and Terrestrial Observing System (ANTOS)


ANTOS DSC 0595Antarctic Near-Shore and Terrestrial Observation System (ANTOS) is a biologically focussed initiative to coordinate a cross continent- and cross national programme-scale assessment of environmental variability and change. It was established in response to the need identified in multiple sectors for long term commitment to acquire basic information to underpin identification of trends and changes in iconic Antarctic ecosystems. Such information transcends short term national funding regimes, yet is crucial for informing management approaches and strategies that national bodies must address.

2016 ANTOS Workshop Report

At the 2016 ANTOS Workshop in Kuala Lumput, committee members reported on progress and deliverables from previous workshops that will direct the design and implementation of ANTOS, and attendees at the workshop discussed program “next steps”.  

2015 ANTOS Workshop Report

In August 2015, a workshop was held to develop an implementation plan for ANTOS. The workshop was attended by 25 researchers from 12 countries (Australia, Belgium, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, NZ, Sweden, UK, USA):