Standing Committee on the Antarctic Treaty System

XXXIII SCAR Flipped Symposium Presentations, August 2014

acrobatAntarctic Conservation in the 21st Century - Steven Chown

acrobatBiodiversity Surprises - Crid Fraser

acrobatTerrestrial Protected Area Deficiencies - Justine Shaw and Aleks Terauds

acrobatMarine Protected Area Challenges - David Ainley and Cassandra Brooks

acrobatLocal Impacts at the Fildes Peninsula - Hans-Ulrich Peter

acrobatMonitoring at McMurdo - Andrew Klein

acrobatConservation Challenges in the Ross Sea Region - Neil Gilbert

acrobatEradicating Invasive Species - Jennifer Lee

acrobatWildlife Disturbance: A Guessing Game? - Bernard Coetzee

acrobatThe Role of National Antarctic Programmes - Michelle Rogan-Finnemore