Antarctic Digital Magnetic Anomaly Project (ADMAP) Expert Group


Report published on the ADMAP-2 Workshop at SCAR Kuala Lumpur, Sunday 21st August, 2016.

The most recent meeting of the ADMAP community took place at Renaissance Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, just before the start of the 2016 SCAR Open Science Conference. With completion of the ADMAP2 compilation just a step or two away, the meeting was a full and exciting one, with much to arrange for the coming year. The report summarises the discussions and some of the next most important steps to bring ADMAP2 to a successful conclusion. The next planned meeting will be a splinter meeting at EGU 2017.


Call for Workshop 2015 ISAES Goa

ADMAP will hold a one-day workshop in connection with the ISAES Symposium in Goa on Sunday 12 July 2015.  The workshop will be dedicated to specific ADMAP concerns, i.e. details for the compilation and database, aiming to get the compilation done for SCAR 2016 and getting an accessible database started. Suggestions for the agenda are welcome.

There is no specific ADMAP session at the ISAES Symposium but contributions are invited the following session:

The structure and evolution of the Antarctic continent in light of 
recent geophysical and geological investigations, convened by Fausto Ferraccioli, Joachim Jacobs, Detlef Damaske, and Doug Wiens.