2017 News

Polar2018 Conference organizers seeking video bloggers

24 July 2017:

1 Polar 2018 rgbThe organizing committee for Polar2018 is looking for three APECS members to create a video blog during the conference!
You are:
A person with some science background and an interest in the polar topics  and that has the slightest idea (or is willing to learn fast) how to handle a camera and use a video-making program :-)
What is expected from you:
To produce a daily highlight summary of the different talks/sessions and events taking place at the conference centre, which is then published and used in plenary sessions etc.
What you get!
Free registration to the conference and... a lot of fame :-)
If you're interested, please contact APECS Switzerland - email apecs.switzerland@gmail.com or saskia.gindraux@wsl.ch