2017 News

New SCAR Membership Guide

16 May 2017:

1 Membership map 2017A new SCAR Membership Guide has been produced to help guide prospective member countries through the process of applying for membership, to assist associate members wishing to upgrade and become full members, and to provide a complete handbook to current members on what is involved in being a member of SCAR.  

The guide begins with some basic background on what SCAR is and how it works, the various levels of membership, the benefits that being a member of SCAR can bring, what SCAR expects of its members, and the process of applying for associate and full membership (consolidated from the SCAR Rules of Association).  In the appendix to the document, a very useful summary of SCAR’s various research groups is given, including the types of group, the rules governing them, and a brief outline of the research activities that each group covers.

The guide can be viewed and downloaded from the Membership area of the website, or directly from the link below:

acrobatSCAR Membership Guide