2017 News

Indian National Committee Report to SCAR

1indian proceedings coverWe are pleased to announce a new SCAR Product from the Indian National Science Academy entitled “Recent Antarctic Research in India: The National Committee Report to SCAR (2017)”.

“This is [the] first such volume which provides a birds eye view of the Antarctic Research by India. We hope that these proceedings will help to identify future research areas to be undertaken on the pristine continent and surrounding waters.”

- Shailesh Nayak, Rahul Mohan, M Ravichandran, Naresh Pant, A Ganju Satyakumar

The publication has several articles on recent research as well as overviews of Indian research in various fields from paleoclimate, glacier monitoring, geology, biodiversity, environmental and wildlife monitoring, sea ice, aerosols, meteorology, social sciences and more.

Download the full report and individual chapters here.