2017 News

SCAR Fellow, Sebastian Rosier reports on his collaborative work with Gateway Antarctica, New Zealand

5 April 2017:

1S Rosier rep2015 SCAR Fellow Sebastian Rosier tested ice shelf modelling with ground and satellite data. Mr Rosier is a PhD student at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) in Cambridge, UK, and travelled to work with Dr Wolfgang Rack at Gateway Antarctica, Christchurch, New Zealand.

The SCAR Fellowship allowed Sebastian to test model assumptions of ice shelf behaviour in a unique manner. This combined both the nature of the model used and the use of an extensive test dataset. Model assumptions of the type investigated are made frequently in a variety of applications, including e.g. ice sheet mass balance estimates, so it is crucial to evaluate how suitable they are in each case and highlight where they might not be valid. Results demonstrated that interpreting modelling results of ice shelf flexure requires caution before conclusions on ice rheology can be confidently asserted. 

Sebastian reflected “The SCAR Fellowship scheme provided me with a unique opportunity to work abroad with a fantastic group of researchers. Being able to work on new research ideas together has allowed me to grow in confidence as a scientist and opened up a new and enduring collaboration with my hosts.”

The full report is available on the Fellows webpages together with the full list of SCAR Fellows and available Reports.

The SCAR Fellowship Programme is designed to encourage the active involvement of early career scientists and engineers in Antarctic scientific research, and to build new connections and further strengthen international capacity and cooperation in Antarctic research. The work must be carried out in a research group of a SCAR member country different from that of the applicant's origin and current residence.