2017 News

Call for Abstracts: SCAR Past Antarctic Ice Sheet Dynamics Conference

13 March 2017:

1Square PAIS logoAbstract submission is now open for the SCAR Past Antarctic Ice Sheet Dynamics (PAIS) conference, to be held in Trieste, Italy from 10-15 September 2017. Organised by the SCAR PAIS Scientific Research Programme, the aim of the conference is to present recent results that address still open questions in understanding the sensitivity of the Antarctic Ice Sheet and its contribution to past and future sea level and climate change, as identified by the SCAR Horizon Scan.

Abstracts submission via the conference webpages is now open here. Submission Deadline is the end of April 2017.

An important development in understanding and predicting Antarctic ice-sheet behaviour has been the validation and testing of ice sheet models on past climates with boundary conditions that are relevant to future projections.

While the focus of the conference will be on the latest developments in paleo-ice sheet and climate reconstructions using data and models, we also invite researchers and students from geodynamical, climatological, glaciological, oceanographic, ecosystem and ice cores communities, since their work is crucial for understanding the processes and dynamics of the integrated system.

The main themes of the conference will be:

Theme - 1: Advances in Antarctic ice-sheet reconstructions from geological and ice core archives.

1A: Deep time reconstructions.

1B: Recent reconstructions (LIG to present).

Theme - 2: Advances in understanding the drivers, processes, and rates of past and future Antarctic ice-sheet change from models and data.

Theme – 3: Teleconnections, far-field responses to Antarctic ice sheet change.

Theme – 4: Co-evolution of climate and life in the Antarctic & Southern Ocean.

Theme – 5: Emerging research priorities of societal relevance.

Topic 1 - Science-logistics-management opportunities and challenges (e.g. in the COMNAP Antarctic Roadmap Challenges).

Topic 2 - PAIS Policy-relevant research outcomes for IPCC AR6.

Topic 3 - Improving engagement and reach.

All presentations will be in plenary oral and poster sessions, and each day will end with a plenary discussion to enable the maximum interaction of different groups and disciplines.

Workshops/satellite business meetings can be organized upon request, on Wednesday Sept. 13th (afternoon), and/or on the week-end before or after the conference.