2017 News

SCAR’s Life Sciences Chief Officer Yan Ropert-Coudert Named 2017 PEW Marine Fellow

1 ropertcoudert work PEW23 February 2017: Quoted from: Pew Charitable Trusts

"The Pew Charitable Trusts is driven by the power of knowledge to solve today's most challenging problems. Pew applies a rigorous, analytical approach to improve public policy, inform the public and invigorate civic life. The Pew marine fellows program was created to seek solutions to the problems affecting the world’s oceans.

Yan Ropert-Coudert will investigate whether jellyfish, sea salps, and comb jellies in the Southern Ocean could serve as alternative food sources for krill-dependent species such as Adélie penguins, whose traditional prey species are expected to decline with increased ocean warming and acidification."

Learn more about Yan’s work through Pew and about his SCAR activities through the Life Sciences Group and the Expert Group on Birds and Marine Mammals (EG-BAMM).

Congratulations Yan!