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Call for SCAR 2017 Visiting Professor Applications

1 Visiting Prof logo6 February 2017:

The SCAR Visiting Professor Scheme is designed to encourage the active involvement of scientists and academics in Antarctic research, and to strengthen international capacity and cooperation in Antarctic research. Application submission for 2017 is open now until 31 May.

Thanks to the kind additional support of both Norway and Switzerland, who have each provided funds for an additional Visiting Professorship, we are able to offer up to 4 awards in 2017. 


SCAR Visiting Professorships are for mid- to late-career stage scientists and academics (at least 5 years after completing their PhD) who are involved in Antarctic research, providing the opportunity for them to undertake a short-term visit (1 to 4 weeks) to an institute(s) in another SCAR member country, to provide training and mentoring. The ultimate goal of the scheme is to strengthen the research capacity of countries with smaller or less well-developed Antarctic research programmes, promoting capacity building in the host country and developing long-term links and partnerships which will lead to advances in Antarctic research.

The scheme provides awards of up to USD $2500 each, covering the cost of an international return flight and some contribution towards living expenses for the visiting period. Some commitment is required from the candidate's home institute (or the candidate themselves, if retired) and the proposed host institute.

Full information on the scheme, including details of the application process and assessment criteria is available on the SCAR website at http://www.scar.org/visitingprof/information or follow the link from the SCAR home page.

The closing date for applications is Wednesday 31 May 2017.

Queries about the scheme should be sent to info@scar.org

The Visiting Professor Scheme is seen to complement the early-career SCAR Fellowship Scheme by providing scientists and academics with the opportunity to intensify collaboration amongst SCAR member countries and to contribute to SCAR’s objectives.