2017 News

SCAR Physical Sciences Group supports Ice Core Early-Career Scientists at the Fall AGU Meeting

18 January 2017:

1 Eleanor Dowd AGUTen early-career scientists studying ice core science were supported with travel funds for the recent Fall AGU (American Geophysical Union) meeting in San Francisco. The SCAR Physical Sciences Group provided the funds to the Ice Core Young Scientists (ICYS) group following an open call to those first authors presenting either posters or talks at the meeting. 

The chosen recipients of the funds were:

Alejandra Borunda - Columbia University, USA
Max Holloway - British Antarctic Survey, UK
Gail Muldoon - University of Texas, USA
Kiya Riverman - Pennsylvania State University, USA
Tyler Jones - University of Colorado, USA
Lukas Preiswerk - ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Melinda Nicewonger - University of California Irvine, USA
Olivia Miller - University of Utah, USA
Eleanor Dowd - Dartmouth College, USA
Sarah Wheatley - University of Maine, USA

One positive and unexpected outcome was that Eleanor Dowd (Dartmouth, pictured above) and Sarah Wheatley (University of Maine) presented next to each other in the same poster session. They realized they had overlapping research interests, and Sarah and her advisor Andrei Kurbatov invited Eleanor to travel to Maine to analyze some samples. They expect to do this collaborative work in the coming month. 

Ice Core Young Scientists is an informal, international network of early career scientists dedicated to the study of polar and alpine ice cores and ice core-related sciences.